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Working with Constantly Changing Requirements

The company AlphaWebGroup or AWG is a small team of passionate developers who are small in number but excellent in skills. The company provides development services across Europe and to the Americas and Australia. AWG professionals call themselves Alpha people with the life philosophy to improve the digital world. Practically, AWG works on creating perfect web solutions for individual use, including e-commerce ventures, online stores with fancy features. However, the company's key feature is providing innovative solutions and automation for all business processes that can be automated.



However, like it or not, the world is changing rapidly, and the pace of change grows exponentially. Today, it is not easy for the client to shape his expectations. Moreover, it is often hard to even the client to make sure what improvements are necessary. Oftentimes, the client comes with the idea to make their website sell better, with no specs or briefs to work on. Moreover, as soon as the market changes, the client needs to pace up with the change. The situation might seem difficult, but AWG has developed the solution for it.



To help the client to achieve their goals, AWG has developed a routine that helps to ensure the needs of the client are met, and the team has got a deep understanding of the things that need to be done.

A general roadmap is moving from forming a brief to providing the assessment, and then moving to Agile development with individual goals for each sprint.

So, the first step of the way to help the client is to form a brief that contains a general description of what the client wants to be done. But how can we do that if the market is changing and the needs of the client are changing accordingly?

  1. To fulfill that first step, AWG acts actively and offers a few solutions for the client to choose from. Using the expertise in the field and extensive experience, AWG offers several solutions to the clients so they can choose which one fulfills their needs and fits into their budget the most.
  2. The second step is based on some active communication with the client. Any app or form of the chat messenger that the client prefers is used to discuss the details of the offered solutions.
  3. With active communication, it is easier to understand the goals of the client and choose the best solution for their case. At this point, the third step for AWG is that the team is learning actively, making research, and innovating for the needs of their clients. 
  4. After the solutions are offered and discussed, the client might have already chosen the one that is the best for the planned budget and goals. If not, AWG continues to search for the best solution by asking for examples of what the client needs. Thus, at this fourth step, AWG searches for the solutions according to the example. Usually, it is the final step when the client gets what they want.
  5. Finally, if there is still no consensus with the client, and neither solution is approved, we start from the first step and complete the entire process again.

Basically, the chosen solution might be of any degree of automation and/or innovation. The most important thing is that it fits the needs and the budget of the client.



As soon as the solution is chosen and the brief is ready, the team has already developed a deep understanding of the project.

At this point, AWG uses an Agile methodology for the future development process.

With the use of Agile, it is easy to ensure maximum flexibility for the client as soon as while the solution is being developed, the market could have been changed. With Agile, AWG sets up the sprints that have their own goals each, and the client can regularly track the progress while adding or removing the tasks. Thus, the development process is always moving in the right direction, and time-to-market and development costs are kept minimal.

Thus, it is true that we all live in a changing world, and we need to act within the economic circumstances that are changing faster than ever before. However, AWG has developed the steps to keep up with the change, and this process works for the problem of any complexity and for the project of any length.


If you haven’t quite decided yet on what exactly you need for your business, let us know, we will help you with that.