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Drupal 8: New look at a content

Roman M, Project Lead
September 7, 2017

The definition of content on the web has changed over time.
When the web was first started, it was primarily text.
Then we added images, and now we have a video, slide presentations, social media streams, and even content created by the Internet of things.
What's next?

Technology is a driver for content changes

With mobile devices, we now have this computer that we carry around with us to create and consume content.
This technology is creating changes in behavior, not only in the consumption space but also in the creative space.

So as time goes on, having a website isn’t just enough.
You need to be where your audience is, and you need to provide varying ways of consuming content.
Because if you don’t, someone else will.


And Drupal 8 is designed to help

It can address these changes in behavior.
One of the features of Drupal 8 the ability to consume and create web services, which is great for pulling and publishing content and data with third-party systems.

Beyond that, the architecture of Drupal is focused on enterprise-level features. It allows you to easier maintain decoupled ways of building applications so that you can customize the platform for your content and business needs.

And while this is all great. When undertaking the Drupal 8 initiative, there are certain things you need to consider as there are a Drupal 8 learning curve and a number of challenges in managing new, still evolving technology. We can help with your questions here.

We have experience launching a large Drupal 8 site in production, and we can apply our insights into what is needed to launch successfully.
The general Drupal and engineering knowledge within Alpha Web Group is incredibly valuable for navigating what can be the challenging orders of a new innovative technology stack.

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