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The definition of content on the web has changed over time. When the web was first started, it was primarily text. Then we added images, and now we have a video, slide presentations, social media streams, and even content created by the Internet of things. What's next?

Why is Drupal the ideal higher-ed platform? Because it allows customizing the solution with Drupal’s robust ecosystem of third party integrations, contributed modules, and hosting services.

We are glad to help people who are new to Drupal 8. So here are topics you need to pay attention to while learning Drupal. We hope you'll enjoy this infographic.

Setting your project up for success means keeping an eye on scope, budget, and timeline and choosing two of the most important ones to you. If you’re reading this post, the budget is one of the most important items for you.

Drupal's success story is an example that old PHP projects can modernize and adapt to the future.