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The need to have a successful online business increases as your business grows. Using a single website does not always ensure that all of the needs of the business owner and consumers are satisfied. In such a situation, it makes sense to opt for several websites, developed with taking into account the products and the specifics of the target audience, and united on a single Drupal platform.

With the Drupal CMS, you can create almost any website: from the simplest to the most complex one. We've prepared a few examples to show you what affects the price of Drupal websites, so read this article to find out how much it costs to build a Drupal website and make the right business decision.

Recruitment is of paramount importance to the overall success of any business in any line of work. And yet knowing what you need in general - a reliable, properly qualified specialist with the fitting set of skills and reasonable rates - is not enough to tackle narrow-profile tasks. In particular, this concerns decoupled (or headless) Drupal development - an approach where the solution’s frontend and backend are either created separately from scratch or are split to achieve higher development flexibility.

Drupal has originated and elaborated one of the most flexible, opportunity-rich website development approaches up to date. Headless development allows putting Drupal capacities into the core of the website while the frontend can be built however you wish - using other technologies of choice and connecting everything to the backend foundation through an API. At that, the Drupal core handles content storing and editing, providing a wide range of convenient tools that stood the test of time and expanded with the help of a passionate Drupal community

Spam can cause some serious problems to your website - for example, it can lower your website's rankings in the search results, reduce the trust of search engines, and even lead to your website being blocked in search engines. Therefore, to avoid these problems, you need to regularly check all the weak points of your resource, which spammers often exploit. You also need to avoid doing anything that can be considered as creating spam and attempting to unfairly raise your rating in the SERP.