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Our approach


Using agile software development process we can deal with many of the most common project pitfalls

Qualitative and cost-effective web development takes time and requires great efforts, good discipline and high proficiently from our engineers. We approach each project by listening to clients' expectations, putting up the right technical team, offering attractive prices and collaborating for results.

Understanding why an online product succeeds, we take care of all necessary segments of work. Using agile software development process we can deal with many of the most common project pitfalls, such as schedule predictability and cost, in a more controlled manner and deliver the project in time.

As for the project management, we usually use SCRUM methodology in order to prioritize the work that matters most and break it down into manageable chunks.

Our development process

Consulting & Planning

  • Understanding Customer’s needs
    Understanding Customer’s needs

    During the first introductory meeting with the Client, our main goal is to fully understand his requirements, business needs, strategy and expectations in order to produce result-oriented product.

  • Putting up a team
    Putting up a team

    With regard to skills, qualities, interests and availability of our developers, we are building a strong team to work on a certain project.

  • Prioritizing project  features
    Prioritizing project features

    For getting a better understanding of the project, we determine its structure and prioritize the essential features.

  • Creating a project roadmap
    Creating a project roadmap

    We compose a project roadmap to keep our development team informed about important milestones, turning points, dates and events.


  • Defining “Use Cases”
    Defining “Use Cases”

    It is very important to understand different ways how users will interact with the product. Therefore, we give a detailed description of all possible “use cases”.

  • Designing UI mockups
    Designing UI mockups

    We design UI mockups to simulate expected user behavior and eventually deliver relevant user experience through a smart, user-friendly interface.

  • Graphic design production
    Graphic design production

    We are striving to create sophisticated, original designs for our solutions. People must enjoy using the product, easily understand how it works.

  • Updating a roadmap
    Updating a roadmap

    UI prototyping allows us to re-evaluate the fundamental features of the project, realize the product's strengths and weaknesses. As a result, product strategy may be altered a bit.

Development & Testing

  • Creating a product backlog
    Creating a product backlog

    We compose a product backlog what is a list of features with given priorities. Using backlog we create list of tasks in task management system. Since that, we are ready for the first sprint planning.

  • Starting the first sprint
    Starting the first sprint

    Team decides which backlog items will appear in the first sprint. During each sprint it is important to conduct daily meetings. Such meetings help us to keep a track on the progress, identify possible difficulties at the early stages.

  • Demo and retrospective
    Demo and retrospective

    Usually we schedule 2 hour meetings at the end of every sprint to discuss of sprint results, check project metrics, determine mistakes and find the way not to make them in future.

  • Pair programming
    Pair programming

    Occasionally working in pairs at one computer, we can save our time and yield better results, than working apart. It can help to look at the problem from different angle and solve it faster.


  • Securing the data
    Securing the data

    We use several proven techniques to keep the data protected on the client side. We always maintain Client’s data integrity and provide all updates through the code.

  • Version Control System
    Version Control System

    For Version Control System we use Git - a flexible, decentralized, and highly effective tool. In the capacity of our branching strategy we have been successfully using different Git branching models and flows including native "Git Flow".

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