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Appearing new e-learning platforms seems to be the long-lasting trend. We are going to prove that CMS Drupal is the perfect choice for building e-learning platforms of any scope and scale. 

User story is a software product design analysis tool that will help you engage and satisfy target users by getting to know their pains - learn how exactly in the article.

COPE - Create Once, Publish Everywhere - is the content publishing and managing approach that helps optimize in tune with the times. It is what, basically, will help you keep all of your customers satisfied no matter the way they prefer to interact with your business.

Drupal is a universal website development engine that serves industries and niches of all purposes. And such responsible, unforgiving fields as healthcare are not an exception. In particular, Drupal helps keep medical providers’ websites stable, smoothly running, and fast responding to user requests.

Drupal offers a much more versatile, open-source approach that reduces costs dramatically, enables more flexible software structures, and significantly accelerates your intranet building project.