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3 Things To Know About Drupal

Vitaliy M, CxO
June 2, 2015

Every CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) knows that they should be striving for greater brand visibility, improved conversion rates, and a far-reaching digital footprint. They also know just how challenging that can be! Retail is an ever-changing business, and one should not only be aiming to keep pace with the trends but also have the capacity to anticipate them. Nowhere is this more true than when connecting with customers online.

Drupal for Digital Marketeers

As Drupal developers, we know that Drupal is perfect for CMO's looking to connect with their customers online and increase sales, adapt quickly, and measure statistics. Any CMO looking to improve their ROI would do well to look at Drupal, and here's why.


No one wants a rigid system that can't adapt to changes in the market place. When it comes to Drupal, though, flexibility is one of its main features. One of its greatest advantages is that it offers a way to deliver content, build a community, and act as a place of commerce. It is an ideal platform to develop and expand a digital footprint, act as a salesperson to customers, and build brand loyalty. Best of all, it easily integrates with all social media channels and is suitable for web or mobile use.

How does it do all this? Its strength lies in the way it uses modules to bolt on to a core platform. This means that modules can be built, added, or even removed as needed. This is the true mark of its flexibility. CMO's will also be very pleased with the ease in which blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, and FAQ's can all be written and put live. If you have the text already written for some content, it can literally be put live within seconds.


Carrying on from the concept of flexibility through its modules, Drupal also offers a great deal of extendability. This is due to the fact that if an already existing module does not meet a requirement, an experienced Drupal Developer can have a module designed and added on. This is one of the great things about using open-source software... there is no need to wait for a company's behemoth to release an update at an unspecified point in the future. You can design and create one yourself whenever needed or desired. This enables CMO's and businesses to react rapidly to changing situations. There is also a large Drupal Developer network to help you with customizing your modules to reach your campaign goals. Drupal also offers backend integration with leading CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and a lot more.

Drupal is Secure

Online security is over major concern to online businesses and their customers alike. A popular online marketing campaign will obviously result in many traffic and conversions, which is just the sort of thing that attracts hackers. (They actually monitor online sales!). These hackers are after emails, phone numbers, and purchase information. Basically, anything they can use later on to commit a fraud or crime. Drupal is a very secure system uses by the White House, The Economist, and more. These organizations take their online security seriously, and so should any CMO. By choosing Drupal, security is assured.

In the meantime, looking for some experienced Drupal developers? We’ve got just the thing. Contact us, and let's start talking!