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Top 10 Drupal Modules For Media Management

Vitalii M, CxO
June 16, 2015

Media asset management solutions are changing the game by providing a new approach to how multimedia content and digital assets are handled on your site. Updating and regulating your media files is made easy with Drupal’s well-designed Asset and Media Management Modules. Here is a fine selection of some of the best tools to make managing media on a Drupal website a super easy experience.

Media objects


Scald is a very popular media management solution that provides a flexible and user-friendly media library. The modules can effectively manage social media updates, images, audio, videos, and flash files. This module can also be used alone side other modules like CKEditor and Plupload for your multiple uploads. By using its own caching system, it’s optimized for performance and can be scaled.


If you intend to reuse your media files like documents, images, and videos, then, Asset is the solution you’ve been looking for. A new entity called Media Asset is provided by this module that will let you create new types of media assets through the administration UI.


This module provides an extensible framework that lets you manage files and multimedia assets. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you had your files stored on your website or any 3rd party website. It can also serve as a drop to replace the Drupal Core upload field, which provides a single UI to let you upload and manage media files and other multimedia assets. It is equipped with a flexible display filter that will permit you to manipulate your images while you can massively import your files by simply dragging and dropping them with the Plupload module's help.

YouTube Field

As you might have guessed from its name, YouTube Field provides a field that allows you to add a YouTube video or any other Drupal entity. It brings a lightweight alternative to modules like Media and Video Embed Field. You can also add videos from multiple providers. An 8.x-1.x branch and nightly build have been created for the Drupal 8.0.0-beta 3 version.

Media Entity

Media entity provides a base entity for media elements. This means that a reference will be established with all kinds of media objects like local files, YouTube videos, images, tweets, and much more. This module combines D7 solutions like MediaBox, Scald, Asset & Field entity to provide a base module for the D8 media system.


This permits you to use the client-side editors to edit content, thereby simplifying the process of installing and integrating any editor you would prefer. It also provides an abstraction layer that is used to integrate any other Drupal modules on your website with more ease.


Not only acting as an image and file Uploader, but IMCE also adds up as a browser that supports quotas and personal directories. Basic file operations like uploading and deleting files, resizing images, and creating thumbnails can be easily carried out. Its multiple features include file sorting, tabbed interface built-in support for image insertion in text areas, Ajax file operations, and creating theme-able layouts with TPL files' help. By installing the IMCE WYSIWYG API Bridge, the modules can be integrated into other editors like FCK Editor and TinyMCE.

Vimeo Video Uploader

This is simply another easy way to integrate the Vimeo APIs with a Drupal website. Facilitate your Vimeo video upload process by creating two fields during installation in the selected content type. After uploading the video, the Video Embed Field can be used to embed the video URL on a site.

Video Embed Field

Video Embed Field simply creates a field that can be used to embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo. In addition to that, you are also provided with multiple options to customize a video's configuration and decide on its style and appearance on the website. The thumbnails of each video can be retrieved via the field formatter.

Field Slideshow

This module provides an easy to use function to build slideshows. This is done from a single node as opposed to the Views slideshows that use multiple nodes for the same. It also provides a slideshow formatter for image fields. These fields integrate well with other modules like Colorbox, Media, and Imagefield Crop.

All the various media management modules mentioned above are all contributed modules, and they seamlessly integrate with the Drupal website to make them better.

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