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Configurable and Customizable Products for Drupal Commerce Store

The customer is a wood furniture manufacturer located in California, USA. The company offers a wide range of custom-made furniture produced from eco-friendly wood. Every product is designed to fit the clients’ needs.


With the client’s website, customers could not place an order online. Instead, they had to contact a manager to help them select product materials and finishes, calculate the final price, and accept an order. The sales process was time-consuming and inconvenient for the customers, which led to customers' loss and dissatisfaction.


To solve this issue, the AWG team offered a website update which includes:

  • Automation of the sales process to increase time efficiency and customer convenience.
  • Automation of product map creation with all necessary data for product manufacturing based on online orders.
  • Development of the Drupal Commerce Product Import System.
  • Redesigning products and their variations data structures to allow easy and fast system update with database import system.

To achieve those objectives AWG team developed interactive product pages, which require manual implementation of various e-commerce functionalities:

  1. configurable and highly customizable product type with which users can compose their unique product configurations
  2. price calculator
  3. discount and promo code management system
  4. add cart button with handling the product configuration
  5. slider with product images
  6. slider with other products from the same category
  7. product description
  8. other categories block
  9. consultation request form
  10. block with the product brochures

Features such as discounts, promo codes, products, product variations, etc., were implemented with the Drupal Commerce module. A slider with pictures, brochures block, same category products block and description were implemented using the standard Drupal plugin system. Other categories slider was implemented with a custom block.


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Product Block


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Cross-sale


While developing the product architecture, we considered every product parameter such as a wood type, color, possible configurations, and other auxiliary options that were not included in the products on default (such as backlights, glass doors, etc.).

We created a special Product Builder that allows users to select different product configurations, sizes, finishes, furniture, and additional products based on a product data structure. The Product Builder uses AJAX technology to update the product without reloading the page. The system verifies product consistency to prevent data structure errors, such as adding products to the cart without choosing all required product attributes.

For customer convenience, chosen product configurations are displayed in a custom block which is constantly updated using AJAX.


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Product Configuration


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Add to Cart


The price calculator has been implemented in Pricing Service using the special price formula provided by the client. Pricing Service processes the data entered by the user while creating a unique product configuration and generates the product price based on the formula. Also, an additional custom module has been developed to allow hiding product prices whenever needed. Also, website administrators can manage prices on the entire website or chosen categories and collections.


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Configuration Description


To improve customer-manager communication, we have created an in-product communication functionality, which allows a user to request a consultation about a particular product. The user will be asked to provide his/her contact information and submit the form. After the form is submitted, the user will receive a confirmation by email, and the manager will be notified about a new consultation request.


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: In-product communication




The client has received a fully automated online store with unique interactive product pages. With a new website, users can choose the product configuration that meets his/her needs out of 3000+ product variations, check detailed information about each of them, and place an order. Besides, the product page is highly flexible and can be expanded in the future.

This solution has helped our client reduce operation costs, speed up the sales process, and increase customer satisfaction.


Drupal Commerce: Configurable and Customizable products: Product Page