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Drupal page speed optimization

Slow website speed is the major symptom of hidden website issues and the main factor that affects your ranking in search engine results. Our expert team will help you optimize page loading speed for your Drupal website, improve search engine rankings, and get rid of other hidden issues to get the most out of your digital presence.

Website speed optimization is highly important in terms of SEO. Search engines prioritize websites based on their loading speed, as well-performing websites provide visitors with a high-quality user experience. According to recent studies:

of users abandon a website that takes over 4 seconds to load
of online customers will buy from a competitor if they are dissatisfied with website speed
of users do not return to a slow website
1 second
delay in website load reduces customer satisfaction by 16%

Harmful consequences of a slow website

Website speed impacts every part of project success. Your digital presence can support or destroy your business. A slow website speed may:

Lower search engine ranking

One of the most common issues connected with a slow website speed is a low search engine ranking. Search engines punish low-performing websites by placing them at the end of search results, leading to poor website visibility and decreasing organic website traffic.

Negatively impact customer loyalty

Low-performing websites do not provide visitors with a high-quality user experience. Dissatisfied users will not return to your website for the next purchase. Most likely, they will search for better service among your competitors.

Decrease conversion

A slow website can damage your revenue by negatively influencing customers’ buying decisions. Users of low-performing websites tend to abandon a shopping cart and even leave the website before the first page is loaded. In the latter case, potential customers do not even have a chance to learn about your offer and make a rational decision.

Destroy company’s reputation

A website is the main digital communication channel between a company and its potential customers. A bad experience with the website may negatively affect brand credibility and destroy the company’s reputation. To avoid this, you should regularly evaluate your website’s performance and optimize its weak points.

Page speed testing for Drupal websites

Before starting the speed optimization process, our Drupal experts will audit your website and perform speed testing. We evaluate your Drupal website’s page loading speed through manual and automated testing using professional tools and custom techniques.

Ideally, website pages must load within 1-2 seconds. However, requirements for website speed may vary by industry, page, and content type. To understand if your website requires optimization, it is necessary to perform professional testing under various circumstances.

We perform general website speed testing to get the full picture and check the load speed of particular website pages and files. Thanks to this, we are able to find the elements slowing down your website operations and fix them efficiently.

We test page speed on smartphones, tablets, and desktops to ensure that your visitor gets a perfect experience across various devices. Our team will check to see if your website is mobile-friendly and every page element loads with the optimal speed.

Our team tests the page speed in various browsers and different geographical regions to ensure that your international website operates perfectly for different customer groups.

Our Drupal page speed optimization services

We supply a comprehensive website optimization service that will speed up your website and increase general performance. Our services cover:

1. Drupal core, modules, and themes optimizations

Drupal core, modules, and themes are essential components of a well-performing Drupal platform. However, sometimes a complex system of modules built around the Drupal core requires a lot of resources to run. It is recommended to optimize the site by reducing unessential modules, which may slow down website operations.

2. Database optimization

As your business grows and the website expands, database size increases which may cause website operations to slow down. We recommend that the database structure be reviewed and optimized regularly to avoid performance problems.

3. Web server tuning

Our team will help you choose the right hosting provider and optimize server configuration to improve your website's performance. A well operating web hosting will optimize your website's performance, boost SEO, prevent bugs, and protect the website from hacker attacks.

4. Website cache optimization

Without a well-optimized caching system, page load time may significantly increase and negatively affect performance in case of high traffic present on your website. Thanks to the caching, the page does not render over and over again for every page view, which allows page loading time to be reduced.

5. JavaScript and CSS optimization

JavaScript and CSS optimization allows minimizing code and file size by up to 60%. Thanks to this possibility, it can reduce the number of HTTP requests. Thus, speeding up website operations and improving the website's accessibility directly affects visitors' user experience.

6. Image optimization

By optimizing images, we can significantly improve your website performance since, according to studies, they make up to 90% of the total page weight. By reducing image size and choosing the right format, we can speed up your website and improve SEO. Also, smaller files require less space in the file system and allow faster site backup.

7. Setting up Content Delivery Network

By implementing CDN to your website, you will be able to improve its performance thanks to the interconnected cache servers that minimize the distance between users and the time needed to deliver content. With CDN, the server will deliver content to users based on their geographical proximity in the shortest possible time.

Often slow website speed may be a sign of hidden website issues such as bugs or marvel activity. Before performing speed optimization, our experts will audit your website to detect the roots of the issues and uncover hidden errors, if any.

Reason to optimize Drupal website speed with us

Drupal focused

Our web experts are Drupal-focused. We have rich experience in Drupal web development, which allows us to detect issues and efficiently solve them. We use only professional testing tools and techniques which are custom-made for Drupal websites.

Comprehensive approach

We supply a comprehensive search engine optimization service. Òur team will help you to deal with a low website speed by detecting and eliminating the root of the problem to increase organic traffic from search engines and, as a result, improve your business results.

Quality guarantee

Thanks to our great technical skills and deep Drupal expertise, we guarantee the improvement of Drupal website speed right after the optimization process has been completed. You will be able to notice the improvement with an increased website speed, productivity growth.


By performing website optimization with the AWG team, you will be able to reduce the costs associated with keeping in-house developers and receive more traffic from search engines and gain higher revenue thanks to the increased number of potential customers.

Our process for Drupal page speed optimization

  1. Page loading speed testing
    Our team starts website speed optimization by performing comprehensive speed testing. We measure loading time for each website page type and verify results in compliance with standards and search engine requirements. We test the website under various circumstances to evaluate the current website condition and its need for optimization.
  2. Website audit
    If, during the test, the website shows poor results, our experts perform a deep website audit. To locate the cause of the problem and prepare for an optimization process, we check different web platform components, including web host configurations, database structure, implementations of modules and themes, file sizes, etc. Each problematic element of the website is reported to the client with its priority level and recommendations on how to manage the problem.
  3. Reporting and planning improvements
    As soon as we detect the elements that slow down the website, we report our findings to the client. Based on audit results, we prepare the optimization plan and provide the client with the project time frame, budget estimation, and expected result explanations. We guarantee significant improvement in terms of website speed and website productivity as soon as changes are implemented.
  4. Website optimization and continuous maintenance
    Once the optimization plan is approved by the client, we start the development process. First, we implement changes in a staging environment and ensure that the entire website functions as intended. If the excellent website operation is confirmed through final testing, we deploy changes to the live website.


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I have been with Drupal agency AWG for a couple of years now and I'm very pleased with the website they created for me. I trust them with my backups and my website. They troubleshoot for me when I need them.