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Drupal SEO Audit

Our SEO services are designed based on deep analysis of Drupal websites and competitive Drupal expertise to help you determine your website’s strength and set long and short-term goals. Whether your website is brand new or has been in the industry for a long time, we will help you adapt your digital strategy for changing search engine requirements based on audit results.

Benefits of Drupal SEO audit

With help of our complex Drupal SEO audit, you will be able to:

  • Detect technical issues limiting your digital presence and negatively affecting your website performance in search engines.
  • Learn about your current website condition. We will help you identify your website’s strong and weak points and understand how search engines perceive your website.
  • Find a way to improve user experience and website accessibility. Search engine standards are set based on users’ needs. Thus, by optimizing your website for search engines, you will automatically gain a higher level of site visitor satisfaction.
  • Learn how to adapt your website for qualified organic search. Our experts will help you to Increase organic traffic coming from search engines and, as a result, get more leads and increase your online sales.
  • Identify possibilities to optimize your website performance. Website optimization will enable you to increase website productivity and reduce costs associated with website maintenance.

Technical SEO audit for Drupal websites

Technical SEO is the most important step towards an efficient marketing strategy. AWG technical SEO audit covers:

1. Web hosting

Our team will verify your web host provider and host configurations to avoid errors that may be connected with it. Elimination of web host issues will allow you to manage website speed and prevent bugs.

2. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Image size

Our expert will check to see if your website files need compression and can be optimized to increase website performance. This will enable you to minimize loading time and avoid user frustration.

3. Website caching

We will diagnose your website caching system and consider possible improvements to speed up the website and improve the collection of important data for marketing purposes.

4. Database optimization

We will check that your database structure is well optimized and operates following website needs and higher Drupal standards.

5. Drupal core, module, and theme updates

We will check your Drupal core, modules, and themes for available updates to ensure proper operation of the system and keep your website secure and customers’ data safe.

Content audit for Drupal websites

A content audit will let you learn about your current standing relative to the competitors and discover new content opportunities and possibilities for growth. AWG content audit covers:

1. Competitive analysis

We perform a benchmark test of your competitors based on common keywords used and other criteria. We study their content strategy in combination with their business results to advise on digital strategy.

2. Keyword analysis

Our experts will evaluate the set of your current website keywords and their search volume as well as keyword gaps. We will provide you with a list of missing keywords that can be used for content creation and improve your position in search engines. This will help you to increase click-through rate and website organic traffic.

Architecture audit for Drupal websites

Search engines allocate their indexing resources across the website by assigning each a crawl budget, determining how many pages on your website will be indexed. To make sure that robots see and index as many pages as possible, you should optimize your website architecture. A well-designed website architecture helps bots to find and display your content in search engine results.

1. Reduce waste of crawl budget

To reduce the waste of the crawl budget, our experts will verify the proper content structure and implementation of the sitemap and the robots.txt file. We will thus be able to simplify and speed up page indexing for search engine bots.

2. Technical site architecture elements

While performing an SEO audit, we will check for technical errors such as server misconfigurations, lack of metadata or tags, and other technical elements which may affect your search engine ranking.

3. Duplicated content

We will help you locate duplicated content on your website and optimize redirects in order to deal with pages erroneously considered by search engines as duplicated content.

4. Content structure

Our experts will check if the website content is well organized and properly interlinked. We will advise you on how to speed up the indexing of your pages by categorizing, tagging, and placing internal links.

5. Website architecture and design

Our experts will check that your website design is SEO-friendly, Drupal modules and themes do not misconfigure with each other, and are up to date. We will also verify that Drupal SEO best practices are applied to the website code.

Mobile SEO audit for drupal websites

Mobile SEO is a crucial part of website optimization since more than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices, and this figure continues to grow. Mobile SEO is significantly different from a standard one, as mobile users have distinct motivations, expectations, and behavior patterns.

Mobile crawl errors

Recently Google has announced the implementation of the mobile-first indexing rule, which means that pages well-optimized for mobile users will be ranked higher. Thus, a mobile-friendly website will be able to increase its visibility with a minimum investment. Our experts will verify if google bots have any problem indexing the mobile version of your website.

Mobile site speed

We will test your website speed on mobile devices to ensure that you provide mobile users with the highest quality experience. We will determine which website areas may be optimized, to make its pages recognized by search engines as mobile-friendly.

Responsiveness of web design

Our experts will test your website's responsiveness and mobile usability by verifying its elements’ size, design, and styling to ensure that you provide users with a consistent experience across various devices.

Our Drupal SEO audit process

  1. Consultation
    You can learn more about our comprehensive SEO audit and our cooperation terms during a free consultation. To request such a consultation, fill in our contact form. We will be happy to discuss your project with you and present our approach to performing Drupal website SEO.
  2. Comprehensive SEO audit
    As soon as we agree on cooperation terms, we will start analyzing your website. Our experts will conduct a deep website SEO audit covering technical SEO, website content and architecture analysis, mobile SEO, and benchmarking. The SEO audit will be adapted for your unique website needs, stage of development, and business goals to increase our cooperation's efficiency.
  3. Reporting
    As a result of the SEO audit, you will receive an informative report that includes an analysis of every element of the website, general website statistics, key metrics, and a recommendation list. The implementation of recommended changes will improve your website’s ranking, boost organic traffic and decrease marketing cost in a long-term perspective.
  4. Changes implementation
    Once our client has received the list of recommended changes and approved them, we offer our comprehensive SEO services. Thanks to our familiarity with the client’s website, we are able to implement the changes in the shortest time frame, so the client is able to benefit from our cooperation beginning from the first day.


Frequently Asked Questions about Drupal SEO audit

How often should I perform an SEO audit?

Website SEO audits performed twice a year may be beneficial or crucial for your business success, depending on the industry you operate in and the content strategy being applied. It is highly recommended that an SEO audit be performed at least every six months If one of the following statements can be used to describe your current situation:

  • website content changes regularly
  • code is modified frequently 
  • your website is managed by multiple developers 
  • the industry you operate in is very dynamic 
  • the industry you operate in is highly competitive

Regular website audits help detect website issues early,  making it easier to solve them without traffic or search engine ranking drop.

How long does it take to perform an SEO audit?

The time required to perform a drupal website audit depends on the main goal of the SEO report, the size of the website, and its complexity. SEO audit of a small website takes up to 5 working days, whereas an audit of a big website with a complex architecture may take a few weeks. 

How much does the Drupal SEO audit cost?

SEO audit price depends mainly on website type and work that has to be performed to reach the client's goals.  Normal websites and eCommerce platforms are different in terms of audit cost due to differences in resource and time consumption.

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Betty Adamou
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The Alpha Web Group engineers are consistently attentive and have often gone over and above the call of duty to support my team in our research game development. I have worked with them directly for some time, and intend to continue working with them on all other projects. I'm delighted to have found a great development team and have frequently recommended their services to my contacts.

Daniel Grossfeld
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Drupal agency Alpha Web Group has been instrumental in helping to improve and maintain critical features on our CMS. Their developers are highly skilled, not only at Drupal back-end and front-end development but also task estimation and technical communication. We will be happy to keep working with them for the foreseeable future.

Charles Le Bault
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We wanted to launch a specific membership feature that is not Drupal native on our website: the team offered and implemented the right solution that allowed us to expand our business. AWG does not let customers down: one day, their engineers worked for the whole night to restore our website that crashed after hackers attack.

Tuan Nguyen
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Web apps, complex custom modules, theming, maintenance, bug fixes, support, and more - Drupal agency AWG has been able to handle any Drupal task we've thrown at them no matter how complex. Communication is wonderful, the service is fantastic, and the results are outstanding!

Marilena Levy
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We have been working with Drupal agency Alpha Web Group for more than two years for the maintenance of our website. Throughout the course of our relationship, AWG engineers displayed a high level of professionalism and commitment to quality. They are very reliable, experienced with Drupal, and respond fast which is crucial when dealing with website issues.

Jonathan Taylor
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AWG are a dependable development supplier with thorough knowledge of Drupal and competent developers. Their standard of communication is high and keeps us up to date on developments. Overall their work is to a high standard and is delivered on time and to the brief. When called upon, we can count on them to deliver.

Shelley Ann Vernon
Founder / Teaching English Games

I have been with Drupal agency AWG for a couple of years now and I'm very pleased with the website they created for me. I trust them with my backups and my website. They troubleshoot for me when I need them.