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User Profile Management & Access Restrictions in Drupal platform

The Client is an independent healthcare consulting company, focused on innovative solution development for Medical & Scientific, Digital & Design, Insights & Consulting, Patient Engagement, and  Meetings & Events sectors. The goal of this project is to create a digital education platform to upskill healthcare specialists and support the Disease Awareness Program in a country-specific manner.


The client requested the development of a platform that would allow medical specialists to exchange their knowledge with other users. Due to the specifics of the healthcare industry, only users verified as a specialist and residents of a certain country must be able to share professional knowledge with colleagues and patients on the platform. Learn more about the knowledge-sharing system and presentation management built with Drupal.


To meet client needs, the AWG team has developed a custom system that allows for easy user profile management. We have created multiple registration forms and the profile structure for patients and medical specialists from a certain number of countries.

Website visitors have the possibility to create a patient or specialist profile. Specialists are allowed to share professional knowledge and manage website content. Patients only have the possibility to interact with content published by specialists.

To register as a medical professional, a user has to go through the verification process. He/she will be asked to provide a professional license, which will be verified with the external system DocCheck. If the license is approved, the system will create a medical specialist account for the user. However, If the license has not passed the verification, the user will be blocked.

Due to international differences in medical care practices, only users from the same country can access each other’s content. This solution provides a possibility for safe and convenient information exchange.


Profile Management: User Registration



The Client has received a unique network platform that allows access restriction for users based on their type and country of residence. Thanks to this solution, medical experts worldwide can share professional knowledge, with a minimized possibility of Information leakage or misuse.